Why Wait

I have been writing a book for the last 3 years. I guess I am not a poster child for determination because most of me has just stopped based on fear of whether or not anyone will even identify with my concepts. So in the process of being afraid I have procrastinated and in turn convinced myself that it will take more time to actually complete what I set out to do.

This morning I had a revelation…. Nothing is too great for me to accomplish. I will never know what others think of my work if they never see it. As I look back over my life I have had many interactions with fear. He, she, it is a beast and I have really been taken aback. And even though I am very aware of faith I have been reluctant to use her. Crazy huh. Not being able to trust faith, out of fear.

I happen to think many people may be stuck in my same dilemma. So today I challenge myself to move forward and stop waiting. My new goal: To complete my first book by December 31, 2011. I will need some accountability partners, determination and a consistent routine to get it done. But published author here I come!


Just As You Are

Simply put you are beautiful just as you are and as you choose to be. When we come out of our mother’s womb we are beautiful. As we grow older each of us continues to be beautiful. If you gain or loose weight, if you wear makeup or not, if you choose to wear long hair, short, hair, no hair, permed hair etc. you are beautiful as you choose to be. If you decide on body altering surgery that is up to you, but don’t do it in attempts to be beautiful, because you are already that just as you are.

Don’t allow others to make you feel uncomfortable in your skin. They may offer criticism that can cause you to question your beauty. That is only because something about your beauty makes them feel uncomfortable and jealous. Therefore, instead of appreciating your beauty they condemn you. The Bible says that we are “fearfully and wonderfully made” it also tells us that we were created in the image and likeness of God. Well since I believe the Word of God I must believe that I am beautiful just as I am and so are you!

Relax. Its Only an Attack

Recently I decided that I wanted to move closer to becoming what and who I am meant to be. I’ve taken proactive steps and have been thinking more positively about my abilities. I said goodbye to fear and am responding to the spirit within me that calls me to move ahead. I still deal with old habits that try to hold me back but, when I engage in those habits I am much more aware and don’t do things mindlessly.

With all my efforts to move ahead, I feel like there are literally forces assigned to push me down, and make me want to give up before I’ve even gotten a good head start. Well…. If any of you are experiencing the same things I am going to tell you what is resonating in my spirit today.


The Bible says “be anxious for nothing,” in Philippians 4:6. Everything that is hitting you is simply the fall out from the war going on in the spirit realm. The Word then instructs us to pray. You may not think things could be that simple but they really are. Simply talk to God. The great thing about the war in the heavenlies is that no matter how bad it looks the fight will always end in your victory. God can calm your spirit and give you confidence to continue to move forward.

There is no mistake in your past that is too big to move you into the greatness of your future. So keep moving forward, relax, and pray.

You can make it!

Dropping Baby Birds

In reading about the methods of training baby birds for flight the concept seemed so relevant not just for raising children but for training anyone in your life to move to another level. I had always heard that birds were simply dropped from the nest and at that point they could either fly or die. Of course before I made the assumption that my memory was correct or true for all birds I thought to research and read into it a little more.

Thank goodness I did read about it. It is actually a more gentle process that encourages the bird to get up and out on their own. So from the lessons on how birds learn to fly I have come up with a few points on giving your own fledglings flight lessons:

1) Birds first allow their babies to grow sufficient muscles before they train them to fly. A bird just out of the egg is in no way ready for flying lessons. They need full nourishment regularly that will help them to build the muscles necessary for growth. The same is true for the people in your life you are trying to help in the growth process. You cannot begin your training with flying lessons you first need to make sure that those you are assisting are ready for growth. This doesn’t mean that all muscles are completely grown to full capacity but the person should have enough strength to try. If you don’t wait for at least that you are setting people up for failure.

2) Birds learn first and foremost by observing the parent. We must exhibit the behaviors that we wish to see in others. Whether we are raising children or mentoring adults, it is important to demonstrate the behavior that you wish to see in the other person. If you wish to see confidence in a person in your care or creativity, you must demonstrate for them what that looks like.

We must also realize that we are always under observation. All too often when we teach we think we simply have to use our words and that is what should be most impressionable to the person we are dealing with. The saying “do as I say not as I do,” is irrelevant when training someone. It is our human nature to be visual. Since people are always watching you to become like you or to learn from you, then what you do is what makes you successful not necessarily what you say. Keep in mind that  eyes are on you if you are in the role of helping someone in their growth and that a role model is seen more often than heard.

3) Birds find ways to coax their babies to leave the nest. This usually happens with food. At meal times a parent bird will put the food just out of reach of the child so that its desire to eat will be its driving force to leave the nest or fly.

This teaches us two things: a) Prepare a good meal, and b) wait for their hunger. These two elements are necessary when training someone for growth. When you want to see growth in a person you need to know what is desirable to them. If you are dealing with your child draw upon your understanding of what they enjoy and dangle the opportunity to gain access to it through the personal growth you are expecting to see. If you are dealing with someone you are mentoring, managing, etc., you will have to have those conversations that will help you know what to use for motivation.

You will also need to be mindful of when to dangle that particular meal in front of them. If you are stuffed from one meal there is no real motivation to go after the next. Once a person has overcome a milestone give them time to enjoy and digest it before you push them to the next.

4) Sometimes birds fall, but the parent does not leave them to die. In their efforts to get their meals sometimes a baby bird will fall from the nest. And if they do 3 things can happen: they can get up and make their way back up the tree to the nest, they can injure themselves and be stuck on the ground, or they can die.

Although some birds die it isn’t the most common experience. So it’s best not to worry about the death option yet we must be aware that fatal things can happen when we send people out on their own. The lesson here is that you have no control over life or death your only role is to teach growth.

The second option was injury. Now a bird that is injured and can’t make it back to the nest immediately is still cared for by the mother bird. She will bring the bird food but also still model those same behaviors that she wants her baby to emulate to get them back into the nest and try again. As parents and mentors we should do the same when our children and those we mentor have experiences that may injure them physically or psychologically. We cannot abandon those looking up to us and leave them to die. While they are down we need to keep modeling the behaviors we want to see, keep nourishing them and waiting for them to make it back to the top and try again.

Seeing a bird in flight is a beautiful thing, but the process of getting them to full flight is careful and methodical all in one. The same rings true for those of us trying to prepare others for a future of success, whether they be our children, students, or mentees. We must be visual examples of what we want to see and then use the rest of our efforts to bring them into greatness.

Assert Yourself

Have you ever been offended by another person? Most of us have at some point or another in our lives . Before you reacted to the offense did you truly think the other person’s actions through thoroughly? Most of us don’t we immediately respond in order to make ourselves feel justified. Our response can be directed towards the person who has knowingly or unknowingly made the offense. Or some may choose to respond by letting others in on the offense so that judgment can be placed on the other person by a group of our peers.

I myself usually take the approach of silence, which also doesn’t necessarily do the trick. So I decided to consult the Bible. And I was surprised at what it says. It tells us to confront those who sin against us. Hmmm…. I guess not addressing the person isn’t the best course of action. I stand corrected. However, it also states that if the person repents, then forgive them. I can live with that.

It’s important to realize that you are just as important as anyone else. Your feelings and talents are God-given just like everyone else. So be thankful for them and do not allow anyone to walk over you or rain on your parade. For those of us who like to live life by letting situations pass for us it may seem easy, but in reality you are allowing another to criticize not just you but your creator and no one has the right to do that. Stand up for yourself and the creation that God has made in you.

I make a new pledge to myself today. From now on I will assert myself in situations where I have been wronged but not hold a grudge when an apology is presented.

Bible verse – Matt: 18:15

Hide it in Your Heart

In the past several years we have seen many movies that predict the end of times. Armagedon, 2012, The Book of Eli, etc.  In real life it seems the world is being destroyed in so many ways. Tsunami, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, famine and war and our very own man made destroyer, nuclear radiation all seems to be whittling away at life as we know it.

What if something truly catastrophic happened just like in the movies? What if simultaneously all around the world we all experienced a disaster that wiped out life as we know it. A catastrophe so bad that no super power aid could be sent to help another because there wasn’t enough for it to take care of itself.

What are you prepared for? Do you know the Word of God? Could you recite it front to back and vice versa? Could you call on the passages you need by heart? I must admit that I could not, nor have I ever tried to know the Word like that. I read and study and get revelation. However, I have never taken the time to truly have the ENTIRE word hidden in my heart.

Now though it seems so important. Not simply because the world around me is in a chaotic state, but rather my life could be so much better if I truly knew the Word. The obstacles I face on a regular basis could be easily removed by the Word. I would have more peace by being able to access the Word internally instead of having to research through a book for the things I need at the time. And if the Word of God is in me and the Word is God then God is in me. What could be better than that?

Dream Killers

Have you ever been in a position where someone has made a decision about you without your input or consent? They have decided what you can do or cannot do just based on what they see of you or your situation. It happens everyday people kill our dreams just by looking at us. As a matter of fact we do the same to other people. It is a common human reaction to judge others by our surface knowledge of them whether that be sight or circumstantial.

Unfortunately, its not only people that we don’t know who judge us unfairly and have a low opinion on of us it can also be persons close to us. Sometimes the people that we least expect make every effort to keep us in our place and not let us dream big for ourselves.

As a business owner and team builder I do my best to duplicate myself in the business. I want to find people who need a financial outlet who love fashionable accessories. Since its my passion to help women I don’t often search for the women who have it all together although I appreciate them as well as team members and clientele. However, what really excites me is talking to a woman who is struggling, who may not have a job, but really needs income. I want to show her how she is in the perfect position to start a business that can never fire her unless she herself wants to be fired.

Its interesting though that sometimes when I talk about a potential prospect that might not have it all together at the time, that some people will immediately criticize that person’s potential with or without them there. They make  a determination on the person’s situation and can’t see a dream for them. So instead they kill the potential dreams of another as well as the dreams that may be dreamt for that person. Usually the killing is done in the name of “reality”.

Its even more frustrating when you see a dream for yourself and you express it to someone close to you and they shoot you not in the back but right in your face. They point the reality gun right at your head and pull the trigger. Usually we can see this happen with our close friends and family who although they want what is best for us they more often than not cannot see past us or our current situation.

Sadly, we can be our own dream killers as well. We can have a dream and then talk ourselves out if it simply because our surroundings don’t reflect what we see in our dreams.

It is important that we keep our imaginations going at all times. Our dreams should be on the forefront of our minds so that we can work towards achieving them. Stay away from dream killers as best as you can. They will always be around lurking and planning to assinate that which will sustain you and move you towards your own greatness.

And be mindful of your own capacity to kill another’s dream. Even if you cannot see in the natural try to see the best potential in a person. It will make all the difference in the lives of the people you touch.