5 Steps to Designing Your Life

Screenshot_2017-03-09-18-35-38-1In the past few weeks I have been meeting and connecting with women who are resolved that they need to see some change in their lives. They are looking for new jobs or awaiting changes in their current job. Life is happening around them and they are waiting to see what happens. Every time I hear their stories the one thing that has been resonating and that I always ask them is have you figured out what you want?

I have spent many years letting life happen to me and to be honest some very good things have happened. However, from what I understand about life and spirit I have more of a say in life than I have actually been taking. I have creative power over my life. That is Biblical and spiritual. We all have the ability to be exterior and interior designers of our own lives. The problem is many of us forget or do not realize the extent of this power.

This is what that looks like everyone of us is created by God. Our creator God has given us His image. That does not mean that we have his eyes or his broad shoulders. We cannot look back at family photos and see the Him in the human form but what we do have is the spiritual DNA that he has given us. We have the ability to think and speak things into existence. The problem is that many of us speak and think in opposition. For instance, we will think about and meditate abundance and prosperity but then when discussing life with friends talk about how broke we are. Or we may talk about the life we want with friends and family but not have the belief that we can really have that. We simply believe in our current reality.

So here is my advice:

1.”Write the vision”. That should sound familiar to some of you. Write down what you want to see happen in the next phase of your life. Write down what you would like to day everyday from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed. Write down what your ideal workday looks like and what you would like to do at a job.

2. Create a visual representation of what you have written. Some people create vision boards others use scrapbooks. In this day and age you can even use Pintrest (My FAV site). Creating the visual representation allows you to have a physical representation of your dreams when your imagination gets stifled. It helps you get excited for what you envision. It helps to invoke the feelings that are associated with your vision.

3. Meditate on the Vision. Daily meditate on what you want to see happen in your life. Even it is just a few minutes a day see it in your mind’s eye.

4. Speak the vision. Look into the mirror daily and speak directly to yourself about your visions. Look yourself in the eyes and speak positive affirmations to yourself. Remind yourself that you are the creation of God and that you possess the DNA of your creator. Then begin to speak your vision into the world around you. Remember God said “Let there be light”, and it was so. YOU have that same power. Use it.

5. ACT on the Vision. This is the most important step. If you have done ALL of the previous steps then this one should come naturally. You should be able to easily see the actions that are necessary to create your vision because you know what your vision is and you know that it is possible. Search for the job that you envisioned it is out there. Start the business that you wrote about you have the details of what you are going to do. Everything that you desire is actually possible to achieve and have.

Stop waiting for life to happen to you and begin to create the life you want.



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