Ready isn’t Real

This past week I have relaunched my blog, FB page, and Avon business. I was encouraged by my mentor to host an online grand opening party. She told me just to invite everyone and she would do some posting for the party. I tried to put it off. I am just getting over a case of pneumonia, my son has a cold and I was very nervous about how to reconnect with people. I kept telling myself that I wasn’t ready. However, she made it seem so easy so I went along with it. Before the end of the evening I had not only contacted people that I hadn’t connected with in years but I also recorded my first FB live video. Thanks to my daughter and my friends that video had over 400 views and I have momentum and inspiration that I did not have before.

If I had continued to push things off, I might still be sitting here tonight no closer to my dreams and goals than I was 5 years ago. Listen, don’t wait for “ready”. Don’t worry about lining up the ducks. Get going now, today, this minute. If you have a dream or passion that has been in your heart, go for it. Being ready is only an excuse to keep you stagnant. You will learn your lessons as you live. So just get up and GO GO GO!



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