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Get Your Head IN The Clouds

Have you ever had someone count you out based on their interpretation of you? We all daydream sometimes and every so often we have big dreams. You see yourself living in a mansion or having a fabulous car. Maybe you envision yourself traveling to exotic places, or being a hugely successful business person,  or sharing your talent on the world’s stage. When you dream about what you want for your life your heart becomes excited you feel invigorated and you are so inspired to have your what you dream of that you begin to share with those dreams with others. Unfortunately, sometimes when we openly share them with others they immediately bring us back to reality.

Why is it that when you dream for yourself, others who don’t see it take their hand and wipe away the daydream clouds that may have been brightening your spirit? Why is it that many people that we associate with automatically bring us to the negative instead of opening their hearts and seeing our dreams for themselves? It is because many have lost their own ability to dream. Dreaming and imagination is key to living a purposeful life, but many have been caught and trapped into the vicious cycle of a reality mindset.

Maybe you have also crushed someone else’s dream. When you heard a friend talk about the big house they wanted to buy did you say “that sounds great, I can’t wait to visit” or, did you respond sarcastically with “let me know how that goes for you”? We all want to believe in others dreams somewhere inside but the reality of life often clouds our vision and keeps us from hoping for anything outside of what we can see.

I would venture a guess that you have even gotten into the habit of killing your own dreams, because you are so focused on your reality. STOP IT! I  say, today, get your head IN the clouds! Stop focusing on what your situation is and see your situation the way you want it to be. Make vision boards and change your screen savers. Think about your dreams daily and write them down in a journal.  Set your intentions in your mind and heart. When someone tries to bring you back to reality look at all the tangible things you have created bring you back to your dreams. Once your head is in the clouds maybe you can bring someone else up to higher heights with you or at least not rain on their parade when they express their desire for something better.

Dreaming is your heart’s way of setting goals. Your heart has certain desires and things that it knows you can have and accomplish. If you choose not to dream or to suppress your dreams you will constantly feel unfulfilled. Use your dreams to help you craft your life. When you allow yourself to have them and regularly focus on them your entire being has the opportunity to connect with them. You will begin to actively work towards them and ultimately achieve what you see.



Get Back Up Again

Let me introduce myself. My name is Gabrielle and I am a 41 year old mother of two. In my life I have worked at several corporations and government agencies. I have been in business for myself with a few different network marketing companies and I have tried a host of other entrepreneurial ventures. I have had many success and failures as well. And with all that I have just stated you would think that I could be some sort of Guru in something, right!

Well I am not. You see, in all that I was doing before I was not focused on a dream. I was not focused on a purpose. I was focused on being the best at what I was doing (my work), or making more money (business ventures). So my success were short lived. They would be great for a time but not sustainable because they did not connect me to the divine purpose and calling for my life.

Several years ago, I had a dream. I was preparing for a trip and I had to catch an international flight. I had no idea where I was going in the dream but I knew it was a long flight and I had to get to the airport to go. I was in my home trying to pack but I couldn’t figure out what I needed for the trip. I was in a panic trying to get there. I got into my ride and drove to the airport but needed to go home and get something else. The dream kept going on and on with me trying to get and bring more things and not knowing what to bring. The whole time in the dream and internal voice kept saying, “don’t worry, you’ll get it when you get there.” I could see the other passengers on the plane. They were waiting for me. They could not go on their trip unless I was there.

I woke up realizing that I had a calling and that I was responsible for the journeys of other people. There are people waiting on me to live my purpose. So now your asking, “Gabrielle, did you make changes and live on purpose?” No, no I didn’t. I did more of the same. Then on top of doing more of the same my life started falling apart. My relationships changed; I lost things; and I couldn’t figure out how to sustain my life anymore. I started to suffer from anxiety and depression unlike anything I’d ever experienced before.

Thankfully, I had a family structure that could support me. I had somewhere to go and people to speak life into me. Slowly I began to pick up the pieces of my life. I moved to my home city, got a new job and went right back into living my life the way I was before. Being great at what I do but not following my purpose.

Well recently I became ill and although I wanted to keep living my regular everyday life my body would not allow me to function normally. So I had to be home and in bed just relax. However, in that space and time I had was able to read some books that I wanted to read and listen to some podcasts and become inspired about life again. Well as I said in my introduction I am a 41 year old mother of two and some fear and doubt can set in because well at this age can I really get back up again and change my experience of life. Short answer – YES!

I am chronicling my experiences of getting back up and starting over in this blog and in various social media sites. I am dreaming again and I am connecting with my purpose because there are others who need to know that they too have not finished living and that the don’t need to settle for where they are now. I am finally getting on my plane and although I don’t have everything planned and prepared I will get it while I am on my journey.

We can all get back up again and live the life of our dreams no matter when you begin again. Here’s the thing that you absolutely must remember though when your getting back up, determine your purpose. Your purpose is what is going to make your life that much more successful and carry you closer to your dreams. There are people waiting on your plane too. They need you to get on so that everyone can take off. So no matter what you have experienced dust yourself off and get back up again.

Ready isn’t Real

This past week I have relaunched my blog, FB page, and Avon business. I was encouraged by my mentor to host an online grand opening party. She told me just to invite everyone and she would do some posting for the party. I tried to put it off. I am just getting over a case of pneumonia, my son has a cold and I was very nervous about how to reconnect with people. I kept telling myself that I wasn’t ready. However, she made it seem so easy so I went along with it. Before the end of the evening I had not only contacted people that I hadn’t connected with in years but I also recorded my first FB live video. Thanks to my daughter and my friends that video had over 400 views and I have momentum and inspiration that I did not have before.

If I had continued to push things off, I might still be sitting here tonight no closer to my dreams and goals than I was 5 years ago. Listen, don’t wait for “ready”. Don’t worry about lining up the ducks. Get going now, today, this minute. If you have a dream or passion that has been in your heart, go for it. Being ready is only an excuse to keep you stagnant. You will learn your lessons as you live. So just get up and GO GO GO!