Adam and Eve – The Story of Exposure

I was mulling over the creation story recently and some things came to mind about Adam and Eve in the Garden. There are still many questions I have about why the tree was in the Garden in the first place and why God desired to keep us from the tree of life but one thing did seem to stick out for me and that was the idea of exposure in the presence of God.

In the story of Adam and Eve, the two were able to walk and talk with God on a regular basis. They shared everything with Him because they saw no need to hide from Him. There was full and honest communication among all involve. However, when the serpent convinced Eve to eat from the tree and she also convinced her husband. They hid from God.

Now many people often come to the conclusion that it was because they didn’t want to God to see their genitals. They were nude and they didn’t want God to see it. But consider this for a minute, if God was omnipresent how could he not see them. I have come to the conclusion it was not nudity that made them nervous. Even in this day and age nudity is cherished. People get nude in colonies, on beaches, for art, for television, and of course for each other. God never spoke against nudity and Adam and Eve did not mention nudity in the Bible.

They were naked. Being naked and being nude although related are two different things. Nudity simply implies that the body is not clothed. Being naked means that you are fully exposed it has a deeper meaning than just showing off the human form. Adam and Eve had done something displeasing to God and could not hide from it. The desired a privacy from the open communication they had with God. This desire for privacy from God it what has transcended the generations of this world. We wish to not be fully exposed to our creator as if hiding our true selves and desires from him would benefit our lives in some way.

In the Bible as societies grew only priests were allowed to have full exposure to God. They had to go behind a veil to get into his presence. The generations of the world got exactly what they desired, privacy from God. They ability to not be fully present or exposed with the Creator. What many of us do not understand is that full exposure leads to complete connection and abundant blessing. Adam and Eve had no cares in the Garden of Eden but because of their new desire to be hide from God they lost that privilege.

Jesus came to give us back that privilege. When he died on the cross the veil that guarded God’s presence was torn. However, instead of being in a place where God walks and talks with us all regularly and openly we must seek Him. We must initiate communication and open the door for full exposure. He should be able to see your most intimate of hopes, desires, and even fears and lusts. Those who want to walk in the fullness of God must be prepared to be naked before him. We must be the ones willing to strip down because in reality God knows all and sees all, so the only thing you are doing is opening yourself up to what He has to offer. We could never and can never hide from God. In reality it wasn’t even possible for Adam and Eve. God just allowed them to have a covering for their own piece of mind.

True relationships require exposure. That openness solidifies the bonds between individuals by allowing them to connect on very deep levels. That is what God desires for us, a willingness to expose ourselves in order to bond deeply with Him and in turn enjoy the blessings that come with a true connection with God.

I cannot tell you how to expose yourself to Him. I am still learning that for myself but I hope that this story will help you to begin the process for yourself.


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