Archive | November 2011

Why Wait

I have been writing a book for the last 3 years. I guess I am not a poster child for determination because most of me has just stopped based on fear of whether or not anyone will even identify with my concepts. So in the process of being afraid I have procrastinated and in turn convinced myself that it will take more time to actually complete what I set out to do.

This morning I had a revelation…. Nothing is too great for me to accomplish. I will never know what others think of my work if they never see it. As I look back over my life I have had many interactions with fear. He, she, it is a beast and I have really been taken aback.¬†And even though I am very aware of faith I have been reluctant to use her. Crazy huh. Not being able to trust faith, out of fear.

I happen to think many people may be stuck in my same dilemma. So today I challenge myself to move forward and stop waiting. My new goal: To complete my first book by December 31, 2011. I will need some accountability partners, determination and a consistent routine to get it done. But published author here I come!