Archive | June 2011

Just As You Are

Simply put you are beautiful just as you are and as you choose to be. When we come out of our mother’s womb we are beautiful. As we grow older each of us continues to be beautiful. If you gain or loose weight, if you wear makeup or not, if you choose to wear long hair, short, hair, no hair, permed hair etc. you are beautiful as you choose to be. If you decide on body altering surgery that is up to you, but don’t do it in attempts to be beautiful, because you are already that just as you are.

Don’t allow others to make you feel uncomfortable in your skin. They may offer criticism that can cause you to question your beauty. That is only because something about your beauty makes them feel uncomfortable and jealous. Therefore, instead of appreciating your beauty they condemn you. The Bible says that we are “fearfully and wonderfully made” it also tells us that we were created in the image and likeness of God. Well since I believe the Word of God I must believe that I am beautiful just as I am and so are you!


Relax. Its Only an Attack

Recently I decided that I wanted to move closer to becoming what and who I am meant to be. I’ve taken proactive steps and have been thinking more positively about my abilities. I said goodbye to fear and am responding to the spirit within me that calls me to move ahead. I still deal with old habits that try to hold me back but, when I engage in those habits I am much more aware and don’t do things mindlessly.

With all my efforts to move ahead, I feel like there are literally forces assigned to push me down, and make me want to give up before I’ve even gotten a good head start. Well…. If any of you are experiencing the same things I am going to tell you what is resonating in my spirit today.


The Bible says “be anxious for nothing,” in Philippians 4:6. Everything that is hitting you is simply the fall out from the war going on in the spirit realm. The Word then instructs us to pray. You may not think things could be that simple but they really are. Simply talk to God. The great thing about the war in the heavenlies is that no matter how bad it looks the fight will always end in your victory. God can calm your spirit and give you confidence to continue to move forward.

There is no mistake in your past that is too big to move you into the greatness of your future. So keep moving forward, relax, and pray.

You can make it!