Storm Prep

This morning on Good Morning America George Stephanopoulos announced that every state of the US except for FL has snow on the ground somewhere. During this past week various areas in the US have experienced stifling weather that has kept many locked indoors till the storms pass over. Just the mention of snow causes a flood of grocery shoppers to purchase necessities like milk, bread, snacks, etc. As I think about the MD “Snowmagedon” of 2010 I remember how many of us were housebound for up to a week coming out only to shovel snow so that it wasn’t completely overwhelming in the end. For many of us that was the only exercise we may have gotten in that week.  It really made me think about how we prepare for storms. Wise or not, many people have a hibernation mentality “when the storm hits I’m going to eat and sleep till it’s over”. Well I would like to propose a challenge that the next time your weatherperson predicts snow, instead of just buying the food essentials you also pick up a $10 workout video from Wal-Mart. Get your  body moving during the storm. You might not be able to get outside and walk but if you hang out with my good friend Leslie Sansone – You can walk 1-5 miles in your own home.  Or you can check the internet to find a few moves that you can do around the house or if you have cable there are some great workouts On Demand.   If you can commit to trying to be fit during the winter months you won’t have to work as hard in the spring to slim down for summer.


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