Stay Souper Warm

As I rode slowly home today in the moderate “blizzard” of the day all I could think of was getting home and curling up with warm blanket. I wasn’t prepared to cook a big meal but wanted something tasteful and filling. So this week I went to my trusty Soup Bible. This book of over 500 pages offers me the opportunity to create great meals with flavors that I may never have tried before. Plus it offers way more variety than the processed and preserved soups in the grocery store. So far I have stayed with base flavored soup that I am familiar with like: Leek and Thyme soup, Corn and Potato Chowder and Irish Potato. (You can see I favor potatoes.) Each was delicious but I think next week I will venture into new flavor territory like apple soup and maybe a beet or parsnip soup. Stay tuned we may even do a video blog post so you can see how its done.

I found the Soup Bible at Barnes and Noble in their bargain books. If you can find a copy its a kitchen must.

Happy Tasteful Tuesday.


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